21 Travel Hacks



21 Travel Hacks

What can make your travel plans even better? Be efficient and save your time and effort. Here is a compilation of the best travel hacks to make your trip flow smoothly.

  1. Get your tickets 4-6 Weeks Early
  2. Travel on a Tuesday or a Wednesday for the cheapest flights.
  3. Pack Less. You really do not need as much as you think. Click here for specific packing hacks.
  4. Go vegetarian on the flight. You generally get fresher food with no worries about undercooked meat.
  5. Browse flights privately- sites use cookies to see what you’re looking at to then, jack the prices up.
  6. Bring a hoodie- it is light enough to wear on summer nights and your can double it as a pillow on the flight.
  7. Bring a dummy wallet fill it with a few dollars poking out and if it is stolen at least they didn’t get your real documents and cash!
  8. Avoid touristy restaurants and go local, you often get better food and a unique experience.
  9. Get a room on the 2nd Floor. You are up high enough to avoid burglars. But, in case of any emergency you are not too high to jump if need be.
  10. Connect through social sites, Facebook, Skype, Twitter instead of running up your roaming minutes.
  11. Store your smartphone in a plastic baggy when near water or the beach
  12. Take pictures of your important documents
  13. Roll your clothes to pack more efficiently.
  14. Be prepared for check in- double check the liquids bag and luggage weight before you go
  15. Pack delicate jewelry in Press-n-seal. Learn how here.
  16. Use the free WiFi offered at cafes or travel spots.
  17. Pack an empty water bottle to avoid paying for the airport prices.
  18. Charge your phone whenever you can.
  19. Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase.
  20. Bring a glasses case for all of your chargers.
  21. If you have to pack bulky shoes, stuff them with socks, underwear, and tanks.

Follow these tips and for more information on travel tips click here.

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