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Packing Tips for the Night Before Packer

You’re about to head off to a new adventure and spend some time relaxing. The last thing you want to worry about is packing the necessities, but alas, it must be done. Pack a little lighter with these tips from Howdini. Our favorite tips are rolling your clothes and putting plastic wrap over the bottle before closing the lid.This video shows great tips to packing light, fitting more in your bag and saving space on toiletries- just don’t forget to bring your toothbrush!

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Packing Tips for the Traveling Teen

Hey you! You’re about to leave for an awesome vacation. It may even be the first time you leave home. But are you ready? You’re going to have to pack no matter if it’s a week before or one hour before you leave . What will you bring? Will it all fit? Watch this Buzzfeed video to learn some packing tips and make some room for you to bring home.

Click this packing checklist for information on what to bring!

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