Travel Dreams of the Cubicle Worker

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Travel Dreams of the Cubicle Worker


Have you ever wondered what was out there. What new things could you experience? There are many destinations waiting for you to explore. Have you ever thought outside of the cubicle?

Many of you reading this dream one day of traveling the world, having adventures, experiencing new cultures, and sticking your toes in the sand. There are infinite possibilities if you only step outside the cubicle. Say it with me, “I can travel!”

For those of you who did not say it and choose to continue dreaming instead of living your dreams, here is a compilation of travel dream destinations perfect for getaways. Just promise me you’ll dream long enough before going back to work.


For the adventurous traveler:


  • Sri Lanka is a unique experience with vast wildlife, and hiking opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. This South Asian country offers experiences dealing elephant reservoirs and whale watching, mountain ranges and national parks, along with ancient temples just waiting to be explored.
  • The South African country of Namibia offers the world’s tallest Sand Dune, Himba tribe ancient ‘red skinned people’, and the skeleton coast. Don’t go trekking through the jungle without a guide! Rhinos, giraffes, and cheetahs are some of the wildlife in this country. Exploration in Namibia is not a problem, more adventurous types will find a second home in this diverse culture.
  • Papua New Guinea is the perfect destination for adventure addicts. Coastal fjords, western highlands, and active volcanoes occupy this Oceanian country. Hundreds of opportunities are waiting for you to learn about the Gorak culture, explore the land, and try new activities.


For the typical Euro-traveler: Opportunities outside the common “London, Paris, and Amsterdam” trip. Look into these countries and cities for new experiences.  


  • Germany has a lot to offer and still is enriched with the European culture you are looking for. Berlin is the center for contemporary art and architecture. This appeases those creative types looking for a vacation from work life. Walk the Berlin wall, visit the Jewish History Museum, or explore the city on bicycles. Berlin is a culture rich city waiting for you.
  • As if the food wasn’t enough, Italy offers gems such as the Colosseum in Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast. There are big historic cities, classic art treasures, breathtaking countryside, wine, and did I mention the food?
  • Ireland the Island of the North Atlantic. Pubs, Celtic music, and ancient ruins await you in this dream-like land. Enjoy the national parks or the city lifestyle in Dublin, Galway, or Limerick.


For the volunteer traveler: Looking for adventures that will inspire your spirit and let you volunteer? Check out these places. Opportunities via GVI.


  • If animals (or elephants) are your thing, look into Thailand as a volunteer opportunity. The Elephant Rehabilitation Rescue is available where you will help the current caretakers care for rescued Asian Elephants. This opportunity allows you to travel along with learning from villages about culture and caring for gentle giants.
  • South Africa offers volunteer opportunities in Cape town at the Children’s Orphanages. You will be creating positive learning environments along with doing activities with the children such as making arts and crafts, playing educational games along with building relationships. These disadvantaged children are seeking your volunteer time.
  • Mexico Playa del Carmen has a Save the Children child center that focuses on empowering children to know their rights in a safe learning environment. With the Mayan ruins around, Cancun nearby, and you don’t have to know Spanish already. The Save the Children company teaches you Spanish so you can easily work with the children.


For the traveler yearning for toes in the sand: “No shoes, no shirt, no problem”


  • Dominica, an island of the Caribbean sea,  offers relaxing retreats such as Rosalie Bay. Not only are there amazing beach destinations but also, moss-covered mountains occupy the land along with rivers and various gardens. This serene land is the perfect getaway to relax and refresh your mind.
  • British Virgin Islands, east of Puerto Rico, has beautiful nature preserves such as Sandy Clay. Peter Island awaits with teal water and did we mention it is a private island, private island, PRIVATE ISLAND. You will find solitude and relaxation waiting for you in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Anguilla is near Shoal Bay East with beautiful pure white beaches. Enjoy a nap on a hammock and reggae festivals on Sundays.


For the traveler trying to find himself or herself:


Anywhere you travel offers a unique experience. Find that place and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Just go. Lose yourself in travel and find a whole new you. There are endless opportunities when you set your sights on new experiences. You can keep dreaming, or you can live your dreams.

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